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Bearing Edges: I offer a variety of different edges depending on the sound the drummer is going for. Example: 45 degree, 30 degree, round over edge, are just a few. Couple of other important factors are placement of the edge on the drum, and the softness or sharpness of the edge. These are critical elements of the overall sound of your drums. If you have any questions about bearing edges for your sound please contact me I would love to hear from you. I have cut many edges over the years and I take great pride in my work. Ask anyone who has ever had work done by me. Clients include, Curt Bisquera, Vinnie Colaiuta, Simon Phillips, Brendan Buckley, Drum Paradise Rental kits, Matt Chamberlain, Kenny Aronoff, John "JR" Robinson, Joe Porcaro, David Silveria, Gene Trautmann, John Dolmayan, and so on.

Professional Re-Wraps/Custom Painting: I can take care of your drum wrap needs as well as a custom paint finish. For wrap jobs I do glue the wrap to the whole shell to keep a solid tone in the drum. I recommend doing this over just wraping around the drum and taping the seam, that will lose some of the drums projection and sustain. As for painting and stains, I offer several types of finishes. High Gloss, Satin, Oil Finish, and Staining. I will come as close as humanly possible to match a piece to your existing set, of course there is variables to consider, fading of original color and normal aging of lacquer and wood.. I will be posting some pics of  these services in the very near future, so please check back soon.. Again if you have any questions on these services please contact me.

Pro Drum Tuning: I also specialize in tuning up your drums for studio or live performances.. I have been blessed to work with many great artist in both of these situations such as Curt Bisquera(Prince, Elton John, Mick Jagger), Tommy Lee(Motley Crue), Butch Vig(Garbage), Mike Bordin(OZZY), Ryan Hoyle(Collective Soul), Steve Duda(BFD Software Sessions), Mark Broussard(Carencro CD),  etc... Contact me for concerns about drum tuning.

Other Services: I also specialize in restorations of vintage drums, plating services (nickel, chrome, brass, gold, etc...) any drum repair from vintage to modern from small to large, full custom graphics for drums and bass drum heads, Cymbal rivet installation, bearing edge bench test on trued granite slate. Let me know how I can be of service to make your drums the best they can be, there is nothing more inspiring than playing an amazing sounding kit that fits YOUR needs. Don't you agree?

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